The Leaders of BCEA
The Officers:
  Mary Steinhauer     1st Vice President-
  Toni Guerra
2nd Vice President-
  Donna O'Malley 
  Andrew Jacobs       Secretary-  
  Chris Bowman        
NJEA Delegate Assembly 2013-2014

Elizabeth Brotherton (Bordentown)-2015       
Dorianne Dodulik-Swern (Burl. Co. Spec Services E.A.)-2014
Tamara Gross (Cinnaminson)-2015
Toni Elise Guerra (Hainesport)-2014         
Nancy Meyer (Pemberton)-2015     
Judi Ruff (Mt. Laurel)-2014       
Mary Steinhauer (Riverside)-2014
Delegate Assembly Alternates
Joy Goldberg (Pemberton) 2014
Michael Kaminski (Delran) 2014
Donna O'Malley (Tabernacle)-2015
Alnetta Price (City of Burlington) 2014
Anthony Rizzo (Bordentown) 2014
Kathie Sytnik (North Hanover) 2014

NJEA Executive Committee
Andrew Jacobs (Riverside) - 2015            

BCEA Committee Chairpeople

BCREA Liaison-  Chris Bowman

Budget & Finance- Anthony Rizzo

Communications- Donna O'Malley
Congressional Contact-Paticia Bland;
Toni Elise Guerra, NEA Director

Constitution- Michael Kaminski
County Activities- Doriann Dodulik-Swern
                         Pat Niehaus
ESP- Donna O'Malley
Human Rights-Adam Collik
IPD-Instruction: Judi Ruff & Mary Steinhauer
Legislation-Patricia Bland
                Tamara Gross
Mall Expo-Toni Elise Guerra   
Member Rights & Responsibilities-Fred Schaber
Membership-Sheri Fitzpatrick
Minority Leadership-Alnetta Price

PRIDE-Toni Guerra
Read Across America-Sheri Fitzpatrick
Retirement-Joanne Sanferraro

NJEA Committee Members             
Budget-Andrew Jacobs
Certification-Chris Bowman
Congressional Contact-Patricia Bland;
Toni Elise Guerra, NEA Director
Constitution Review-Michael Kaminski
Convention-Doriann Dodulik-Swern
Ed Support Professional-Donna O'Malley
Elections-Anthony Rizzo
Government Relations- Patricia Bland
                                Tamara Gross
Human Rights-Adam Collik
Instruction- Judi Ruff &
                 Mary Steinhauer

Leadership-Doriann Dodulik-Swern
Member Benefits-Fred Schaber
Membership-Sheri Fitzpatrick
Minority Leadership-Alnetta Price 
NEA Activities- Tamara Gross
Paul Dimitriadis Rights Fund-Joy Goldberg

Pension Policy-Stacy Kasse

Professional Development-Elizabeth Brotherton
Professional Rights & Responsibilities- Toni Guerra
Public Relations-Patricia Niehaus

Sexual Orientation Issues 
in the School Environment- Tom Tamburello

Technology-Brenda Martin-Lee

Uniserv-Judi Ruff

Urban Education-Nancy Meyer

Vocational, Career, & Technology Education- Larry Tisdale
Women in Education-  Alnetta Price

Working Conditions-  Michael Kaminski
Worksite Safety & Health - Kim Chiolan

Youth Services-Cora Collins                        
Office Manager Sandy Wolf    
   Office Assistant-Linda Henderson
Past President- Kathie Sytnik  
          In Memorium

       Walter J. Keiss
   Former BCEA President

              Rest in Peace

        July 1, 1946-Feb. 15, 2012